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Handheld - Orgone Beamer - Power-Wand Application. Guidance. Maintenance & Care: by Sy Evans

Handheld - Orgone Beamer - Power-Wand
Application. Guidance. Maintenance & Care: by Sy Evans

Orgone Power Wand Ingredients spread
Some of the ingredients - eventually stuffed inside the 22ml Copper Pipe and Capped
Beamer Size: 215mm x 22mm
22mm Copper Pipe Two End-caps. Two Separate Directional - Long multi wrap Copper Coils.
1 Small ‘Double Twine’ SBB (Double Helix) Directionally Aligned Copper Coil (Placed right at the tip at the ‘Positive’ end).
5 Medium Sized Chunky Quartz Crystal Points.
Amethyst, Moonstone, Aventurine, Citrine, Jasper, Onyx, Obsidian, Blue Green Agate, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Finely Powdered Selenite and Ground Quartz.
Small Circular ‘Bouncing’ Mirror placed facing inwards at the end of wand.
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate).
Nano Metallics (Microscopically Powdered Chrome & Silver).
Tight ‘Swarf’ mix of Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Brass, Titanium, Nickel, 24k Gold Leaf.
Encased and fused within Premium Quality Clear-cast Organic Poly-Resin

At the ‘Lil’ Picture Place’ - Manchester - England - May 2014.

The Orgone Beamer Wand is essentially a neat, compact, solid, robust, powerful and extremely versatile energy tool.
It possesses ‘Potent Dynamic Energy Fields’ emanating from the mixture of copper,other metallics, powdered & whole-point Crystals.
The energy flow is then focused, channeled or ’beamed’ through the core Crystals of the device.

These are ‘fused-within’, embedded and ‘tightly compressed’ omni-directionally by the actual resin that slightly shrinks once fully cured.. Subsequently squeezing the crystals and keeping them in a permanent, highly charged, piezoelectric state.
 With the added, numerously wrapped, ‘Directionally Aligned’ Copper Coils, of which the five medium sized single terminated Clear Quartz Points are placed, arranged ‘tip-to-tail’ within the coil center.
 The alignment and placement of the Coil wrapped Crystals (all of which have their ‘Positive’ terminated point facing ‘forward’). The result is that all the elements work synergistically and harmoniously together to concentrate, guide, steer, push and ‘beam’ the focused energies in one particular direction.
Regarding this type of wand, forward flowing - directed out of the ‘Positive’ end of the wand.

General Ownership tips:

When left to their own accord, as in without a ‘keeper’ or ‘master’, Dynamic Energy-wands like this Orgone Beamer work continuously as high density, highly efficient, energy cleansing and ionic polarisation devices, much like any other OMM (Orgone Matrix Material) Device.
However when personal ownership of a ‘Beamer’ is engaged with, the new ‘handler’ or ‘keeper’ naturally ‘inter-connects’ with the wand.
‘Custom’ characteristics can be developed through physical or mental exposure and contact. Exclusive fine tuning instilled into the device on many levels from using thought programming, infusion of psychic intent. To physically holding, carrying or having the Wand to-hand and close by, focusing and meditating on it for 5 minutes each and every day. It doesn't take long for a fully established true connection to develop and the power potential is eminently increased, modified and indeed, greatly enhanced!

What one should try and do, literally as soon as the wand is in their hands is develop a good ‘link’ with it. Make it truly yours! Develop, devise and use whatever methods and practices that feel right to create this dynamic bond.
For instance, some people would place it under their pillows or mattress at night when sleeping. Carry it as they go about their daily activities for a certain duration. Say, inside a deep pocket.
Others may relax and bathe with it placed in the bottom of the bath tub.
Give it a name..! Establish a tangible relationship with it…
Imagine it having a particular personality...  ..Make it an important fixture within the fabric of your lifestyle. Put your personal ‘stamp’ on it..
There are countless ways of achieving and maintaining this affinity.
Like any relationship; to any particular person or object, the more one ‘hangs-out’ together, the deeper the bond and greater connectivity with it subsequently ensues.

Some of the many uses and applications:
Charge food, water, other beverages, supplements, herbs or anything you may consume by aiming the Positive tip at the given target product and leaving it focused there for 5 mins or more. The 'Beamer' is naturally a very good tool for focused ‘charging’ and ‘boosting’.
Instill positive life force energies into things you will eat. You’ll find that taste considerably improves in whatever you choose to ‘beam’.
Can even take the bitter taste out of cheap wines and really make the liquid taste so much like it’s of a fine vintage.

Considerably prolong the shelf-life of quickly perishable products like Fruits, Milk, Cheese and Vegetables. Also prolongs the display life expectancy of house plants and flower arrangements with just a 5 min boost each day.

Use as a basic ‘wish-sender’ or ‘intent amplifier’ when used in conjunction with a handwritten request and positive intentions. Write on a scrap piece of paper and simply wrap the note, writing side facing inwards, around the shaft of the wand.

Can be used in Reiki, Tantra and other non-contact healing and Aura based massage practices. Beaming the focus of energy around the subjects body, without actually touching them. Also can be used as a contact point healing tool. For example ‘rolled’ like a rolling pin on the skin surface.

Charge yours or other peoples Chakra points.
Revitalise energy levels. Dispel energy blockages and ‘attachments’.
‘Draw-away’ and diffuse areas of painful discomfort. Suck out ‘hotspot’ pains and anguish caused from toothache. Improve the flow of energy in any Chakra system. Used daily in conjunction with particular dietary options, supplements and avoidance's can significantly accelerate the de-calcification process of the Pineal Gland.

Use in meditation sessions. Charge, purify and cleanse your crystals.

Use it to amplify biofeedback from a pendulum tied or attached to the Positive end and held at the ‘Negative’ end liken to holding a mini fishing rod.!

Radionically ‘beam’ ideas, persuasive action, thought forms, good intent by using scrap paper and handwritten instruction with also the persons name and/or other various details about the person or entity you wish to contact..

‘Bust’ small clouds (and larger ones! Surprisingly)! Simply point at the cloud or Chemtrail whilst looking directly at it, imagine the beam coming from the wand tip, extending out for miles, passing right through the cloud vapour and by ‘swooshing’ through and chopping it up each smaller chunk of cloud can then be focused on to quickly and easily dissipate.  You will be astounded at how quickly these effects take to the skies!

Finally - Condition & Care:
The Beamer Wand, by its default design is very strong, sturdy, water/air tight.
It should provide a whole lifetime of use without breaking. Perhaps even longer, being passed on to the next generation.
Though it’s by no means indestructible so it probably wouldn't exactly be a good thing to drop it from a great height onto a rock-hard concrete floor. It’s not overly fragile either. Basically a little bit of common sense and a certain degree of care and attention should keep it in tip-top condition for many years to come.

It’s inevitable that over time the brightly polished copper will darken and dull as the surface becomes oxidized. Although this tends not to be detrimental to it’s energetic healing qualities and some may even regard this effect to give the device more character and distinction somewhat.
Though with respect to cleanliness and what you plan to use it for, some people would prefer to be contact healed with a bright, shiny and gleaming-clean power wand as opposed to something heavily tarnished, dull and dirty looking.

If one wishes to maintain the bright shiny copper finish they can give it a regular clean with a steel-wool soap pad. Probably once a month, more or less would be sufficient to keep it from ever getting too discoloured.

There is however another way to retain that sparkling copper gleam without all the fuss of monthly polishing.
There are quite a number of products on the market designed specifically for this.
After an initial good soap-pad scrub, buffed with metal polish and properly dried there is the option of applying a layer of ‘Everbright’ or Metal Lacquer, so that a protective barrier is created between the Copper surface and the Oxygen in the atmosphere.
The wand will stay bright and shiny for as long as the lacquer retains it’s boundary between the metal surface and the atmosphere. One can always re-buff and re-apply any lacquer further down the line if need be.

Lastly. It’s a good idea to keep the Beamer wrapped up inside a nice quality heavy cloth or chamois leather when not being used and put into storage. Otherwise try keeping it in roughly the same spot, where you feel it’s most needed. Copyright(c)S. Evans 2014

For any further information or queries in regards to the various dynamic energy devices that are made from Orgone Matrix Material (OMM). Please do not hesitate to get in contact with Sy at
The Lil’ Picture Place, Manchester.
Our website:
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Finished Wand - Jam Packed with Dynamic Elements working in Synergy.

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